For any business, the right combination of custom signs will make a significant impact on the overall success and especially during these challenging times. When a commercial facility has a set of wayfinding and safety signs, it keeps employees and visitors safe while facilitating smooth business operations.

One of the best ways to get ideal coronavirus signs and graphics for your business is to work with a professional sign company in Middleton. At The Sign Doctor. we thoroughly study every aspect of sign making that includes your marketing goals, brand elements, how visitors interact and navigate your facility, local sign laws, the intended use, and sign placement together makes an impact on what type, style, design, and materials would work best for your commercial facility.

As one of the leading local sign companies in Middleton, we completely understand the impact that custom business signs can have on your business including the flow of traffic, motivating employees, and strengthen overall branding. We provide personalized business signs to all our clients in order to help them meet their business objectives.

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    Wayfinding & Safety Hospital Signs

    As COVID-19 has become the biggest health care crisis of recent times, it is very important for incoming patients and health care professionals to be able to navigate your hospital with ease. Functional navigation signage, instructions, and warnings should be clearly displayed all over the medical center to make everyone’s life easier. Well-crafted safety and wayfinding signs remind everyone to follow the hygiene practices and bring down the possibility of spreading illness by minimizing physical contact.

    We also provide custom interior signs for hospitals and medical centers that include hand washing signs, enhanced safety and security procedures, directional signs, and safety signs to help cut back on the person to person support.

    If you are looking for easy parking, easy patient drop-off support, or help patients that are visiting to get treatment for conditions besides coronavirus, safety hospital signs can help in significantly reducing the risk of them getting infected.

    COVID-19 Business Signs

    If your business operation hours are changed due to coronavirus and you want that to be communicated to your customers, the signage experts at The Sign Doctor. can provide you high quality and impactful custom signs. This will help your customers to realize how they can still access your products or services without facing any difficulties.

    If you want to reroute your customers to a different location such as drive-thru or a pick-up point, COVID-19 business signs can help in communicating the latest business operation information, alternate or new contact numbers, and more.

    Our Middleton signage experts work in a synchronized way to reduce face-to-face interaction while producing and installing customized signage solutions for your business. With strict health regulations in place, we offer speedy delivery for all types of coronavirus signs and graphics so your business does not stop. We can provide customized solutions to meet your requirements by just exchanging a few emails and quick phone calls!

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    Whatever it is that you are looking for, we are here to cater to all your signage requirements that include custom safety, hospital, and wayfinding signs. Whether you need some temporary business signs and graphics to update your customers about business hours, contact details, or any other crucial information that is vital for your business, The Sign Doctor. is your go-to sign company in Middleton to fulfill your signage needs.

    As a full-service sign shop, we expertly produce all types of interior signs, exterior signs, vehicle wraps, vinyl lettering, banners, and more! We factor in your brand personality and critical brand elements that make your enterprise unique and make them a part of your sign design. No order is too big or too small for us, from a single wall sticker to a whole signage system for your business, you can rely on our services.

    Free Expert Sign Consultation

    The Sign Doctor. is committed to providing support to all our clients as we all deal with this difficult time. Our highly motivated and experienced team will take care of every stage of sign making with utmost dedication and care.

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